Review: Deathstate

Hear me out, I’ve come up with a really nice riddle. What would we get if we combined a roguelite, bullet-hell, acid, organ donation and Lovecraft? The answer is very simple: a lunatic, frantic bastard child of Workinman Interactive, the name of which is Deathstate

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Early Impressions: Chicku

What happens when you combine a thumb-breaking precision platformer where blood galore floods the screen with a cute and innocent artstyle similar to children’s cartoons? The answer is: an absolutely terrific game.

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Review: Assault Android Cactus

You might not know that but I am not too fond of the majority of Early Access titles. Unfortunately, lately there have been thousands of unfinished games on Steam, with a slim chance to be completed and released. While the idea of supporting developers and influencing them with our feedback is pretty cool, we all know how it turned out in reality. Luckily, my faith in humanity is being partially restored by such beauts as Sunless Sea, Kerbal Space Program or… Assault Android Cactus. Czytaj dalej „Review: Assault Android Cactus”

Stumbling blocks

Owing to the fact I’m having very little time in the upcoming days, I need to postpone another post regarding my Vintage Year’s translation for the next week. But just to make you not bored and have something to read, I decided to contemplate over the magnificent world of computer games translating and try to think why this world is so inaccessible.

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Split personality

Phew, that was quite laborious weekend. I had settled some things down with the dev, almost everthing is clear now and I am finally able to finish the translation. There isn’t much text left, I just need to take care of it, scroll through all of translated strings, then send it and hopefully test it out on Steam to make more adjustments if required. That will come in probably one or two weeks and before that… another entry! Today I’ll be discussing Characters (not all of them, as I don’t want to spoil the fun) and Leveling Up.
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