Walking Simulators – Are they still games?

What distinguishes video games from the other, older media? The most obvious, and hazy at the same time, answer is: interactivity. So we have FPS and TPS games, platformers, adventure games, strategies, each requiring some interaction. And then, at the very end, we have so-called Walking Simulators. But are they true games or not anymore?

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Do indie games need an indie translator?

It’s time for another theoretical entry regarding translation and the notion of translator. This time, we’ll try to describe an ‘indie translator’. But what does it mean precisely?  Czytaj dalej „Do indie games need an indie translator?”

Empty spaces and a rotten fruit

I believe it’s high time I came back to something translation-related. To tell the truth, lately I’ve been working on different poems — translating them into English, so I can gain some experience and further improve my abilities. That’s why I decided to make an entry dedicated to analysis of a translation of mine. Poetry is a really troublesome thing, especially when it comes to translating into a foreign language, so this might be an interesting experience!  Czytaj dalej „Empty spaces and a rotten fruit”

Split personality

Phew, that was quite laborious weekend. I had settled some things down with the dev, almost everthing is clear now and I am finally able to finish the translation. There isn’t much text left, I just need to take care of it, scroll through all of translated strings, then send it and hopefully test it out on Steam to make more adjustments if required. That will come in probably one or two weeks and before that… another entry! Today I’ll be discussing Characters (not all of them, as I don’t want to spoil the fun) and Leveling Up.
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Are you up to the challenge?

Another day, another translation dillema. In the last entry, we discussed participles and exclamations. The struggle was exhausting but in the end we are getting closer and closer to finishing the translation. But what are we going to talk about today? In this entry, we will ponder on everything what is directly related to achievements. So, are you up to the challenge?
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Exclamations, participles and other atrocities

Since I have passed all of my exams, I can finally go back to working on Vintage Year translation. Menu text is done, so I won’t delve into that (not like I could write anything interesting about such phrases as „NEW GAME” or „Are you sure you want to quit? anyway”) and go straight for something much more curious.

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