Late Happy New Year, folks! I stil cannot believe that it’s been a year since I started writing this blog. There were some silent periods, there were some changes in the design and the content, there were some analyses and reviews… Many different things happened; yes, it was a good year. I can’t help but think: „How time flies”

I tried writing a blog few years ago but lacking motivation and experience I gave up soon after. When I got my first own job a year ago (Do you still remember Vintage Year?) I decided to start all over again. I wanted to have my own place in the Internet, where I could exchange ideas and thoughts, and do some brainstorming not only with more experienced translators, but also with the players who are my audience as well. Making translation a more open process was my goal. But does it make any sense? Is this attitude right? As the time has passed, I begin to doubt in my abilities.


All in all, having to write and then translate all those entries with an almost non-existent audience was incredibly tiring and demotivating. That’s why I started posting at irregular periods. Summer holiday was a good opportunity to finally get a break from all of this. In the end, it helped me think about something. With my return, the blog changed its theme, as I departed from my game translation projects and started doing reviews or translating poetry. Apart from that, I also slightly changed my writing style and finally started using social media which allowed me to meet some great people. In some way, my blog also inspired me to start attending conferences and to read academic articles. In some time I will try to write one as well. Yes, I believe that this blog helped me develop greatly.


As I mentioned earlier, apart from doing some video games translations, I tackled poetry translation and reviews. My previous niche was too small and I was to unexperienced to get some readers and thoughtful comments. But now, as I’ve read some theoretical books, read some theories and worked on my language skills, I’m able to write about more different things. I hope it was a good move.


Now, let’s talk about some statistics, shall we? Overall, I wrote 34 entries that maybe didn’t get much views but still, it is a good start.



As you can see, my review of Traverser got 57 views, so yeah, I think that expanding my thematic range was a good idea. In 2015 I got 1138 views and 44 likes, which is a good result if you think of my blog as a niche. At least that’s what I want to think. Anyway, how does this result compares with my visitors?


On the one hand, I managed to get 499 visitors, but on the other they were just „passers-by”. My blog is followed by 23 people on WordPress, so my reader base is rather low. That’s why my goal for 2016 is to get more readers and achieve at least 3000 views! 🙂


What are my goals for this year? As I’ve just mentioned, having more readers and more views. Anything else? Well, maybe getting 200 followers on Twitter where I’m very active lately. Apart from that, I really want to go back to writing video games translating-related entries. It just so happens that one of my old projects, Qasir al-Wasat, is being released soon, which is a great opportunity to something translation-related! Maybe I will also write a few academic articles? With research and bibliography, you know. We shall see.


I know it’s a little bit late but I want to wish you everything best in the new year. May your dreams come true and may you all be able to achieve your goals. Thank you kindly for supporting me. Happy New Year! 🙂



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