One Thousand and One Nights

Who would have thought that I’ll be back in the game so soon? I have just finished Vintage Year’s translation and there are already new projects awaiting. This time, however, I am not alone. I’ll be assisted by recently reactivated translation group called Eureka Subs. With their help, I’m able to come back to my very old project and finally finish it. Ladies and Gentlmen, thence I present you Qasir al-Wasat: A Night-in Between.


Back then in August, when I had finally completed working on Whispering Willows’ translation, I joined the Eureka Subs translation group. Despite being quite a tiny group with about 10 working on various projects, Eureka Subs was very ambitious. I was quickly assigned to Qasir-al Wasat, which I had been translating with just one more guy. Unfortunately, at some point we were hit by crisis: all projects were halted and we went onto prolonging hiatus. Only just recently we’ve managed to pull ourselves together, reorganising structures and making some serious changes in our team, hoping we’ll be able to move onwards.

Thus, I decided to come back to an old project of mine, i.e. a translation of Qasir al-Wasat, but this time supported by other members. Since I had already worked on this game, the first major part of our job was tedious retyping. Only when we had settled what is done and what needs translating, we could finally get to work which quickly had we found slightly engaging. There was much more text than in Vintage Year or Whispering Willows, so patience and concentrations were main virtues here.


I must admit it’s quite entertaining to work on Qasir al-Wasat’s translation, owing to the incredibly handy application we were given by developers. This app contains almost all lines, all strings included in the final game; almost, since while there are all entries, notes or dialogues present, we are still missing the technical vocabulary part. I absolutely love the preview option allowing us to see how the translated text would behave or, in some cases, for how long and adjust its duration. It does not obviously replace testing, although it helps greatly, as at least we have slight knowledge of how it may look like, what helps saving some time.

However, the application is not as perfect as one could imagine. You cannot directly copy+paste text from or inside the app, so you need to rewrite it or look for all these files (at least we have names of corresponding files, so it’s not THAT tedious, although it’s still quite troublesome). Moreover, at some point I encountered a massive lag related to the amount of strings. I’m not sure whether it was just me but still, quite irritating. Last but not least, some lines ignore the line break, causing some words to not appear on the screen. Hopefully, it will be fixed, otherwise we’ll have to think how to work around it.


But how is the text, you may ask? To my surprise: incredibly interesting and immersive. It is a pleasure to work on Qasir-al Wasat. I really like the story, the setting, the atmosphere and I wholeheartedly regret having everything spoiled due to my job as a translator… Google was an invaluable help with this project, as there are multiple references to the culture or history of the Middle East. The research was quick and easy, I had no problems with that; it was poems and nursery rhymes that were the biggest challenge. Even if there weren’t many of them, it did take some time to translate them efficently. Thinking how to put all these rhymes, all the rhytm and at the same time maintain the original meaning is not an easy task: as I like working on poetry, it is incredibly exhausting.

Overall, it isn’t bad. There are some grammatical errors from time to time (I understand that nobody must have native-like English proficiency) and the lack of context, however we can always ask for explanation.

To sum up, our work on Qasir al-Wasat: A Night in-Between is almost done. We just only need to test the game, catch and fix all the bugs, do some improvements and then finish the remaining words and phrases. But that’s for another entry. See you next time!



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