All good things…

Who would have thought that over a month has passed since I started this blog. Heh, the pace in which the time flows still amazes me. But yes, it is a late February now, another translation project finished: after many ferocious battles, torn up dictionaries, emptied bags of coffee, Vintage Year’s translation is finally done. Therefore, the only thing I have to do is to make a little summary.


Translation duration: a month

Blog entries: 5

Drunk cups of coffee: 3

Restless nights: 0

The greatest challenge: The Mechanable

I wasn’t quite sure which phrase should get the title of the biggest challenge I encountered here. There were few options to choose: „Dash”, „Chaingun”, „Forage”… but the one who won was „The Mechanable”.

I wasn’t quite sure how to translate this name effectively, as dictionaries and the Internet told me nothing special. Should it be an „Engineer”, „Robot”, „Iron Golem” „Living Machine” or „Android”? I had many different options and yet all sounded bad. Even when I decided to translate it as „Blacharz” (eng. „Tinsmith”) I wasn’t satisfied. And still I am not. I’m afraid it has to be changed but only after I do some in-game testing (and maybe recieve some feedback from players). Unfortunately, for now it has to stay as it is.

The most creative/the best translation: Forage…?

I do realise this category might be arguable, as everyone would pick a different phrase but as far as I am concerned, the most creative/the best translation done is  „Forage!”. Perhaps you do remember when in 3rd entry I analysed (sort of) all possible ways of translating this word, trying to pick the most suitable option. In the end, „Szaber” has won, due to it being sophisticatish and not overthought.

The most interesting word/phrase: La Guestia

Undoubtedly the most curious thing I learnt from this translation is definitely „La Guestia”. This are, accordingly to asturian beliefs, a group of wraiths visiting people just before they die. Putting such creature in a game is quite good choice for sure, as they fit the atmosphere very well (or at least I’d say so). That’s definitely the most interesting character of Vintage Year.

The last thing for today would be a tiny summary, just a bunch of stats concerning entries, visitors and others.

Views in total: 202

Visitors in total: 98

Likes: 6

Comments: 2

The month with most views: February

The month with most visitors: February

The month with most likes: January

The most read entries: „#5 Split personality” [22] ; „#7 Pew, pew!” [15] ; „#1 Konfrontacja” [14]

Countries with most visitors: USA [100] ; Poland [88]

And that’d be all regarding the translation of Vinage Year. It was a pleasure to work on this project and I just can’t wait to lay my hands on another one! Unfortunately, for now I’m being „unemployed” again, hence there will be fewer entries than usual. I can promise you though that there will be at least one entry in a month.

But enough for now… it is time for a surprise! Tell me, what’s a better way of celebrating completion of your translation project than giving away the game you’d been working on? ;] Yup, I have a spare copy of Vintage Year, so if you want to try it out, go HERE.

The rules are simple. First of all, you need to have a Steam account to be able to enter the giveaway. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be the one to recieve the gift. I will add you on Steam and then send you a gift which you have to add to your account and then mark as recieved on SteamGifts. It is as simple as it sounds!

Thank you once again for reading the entry and see you next time!


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  1. Uhhh, I’m half asturian and didn’t know about ‚La Guestia’. Pitty it’s wikipedia article is so short.
    Shame no one saw the GA here, but it looks like the one over at the forum is going better 😉

    Polubione przez 1 osoba


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