Pew, pew!

As I said in the fifth entry, the only thing that needs to be discussed is our ordnance, items we can loot and status effects. Time is pressing, so let’s not prolong this. Enjoy the last (but one) entry regarding Vintage Year’s translation!

rifle = „Rifle”;
candle = „Candle”;
knife = „Knife”;
poisonKnife = „Toxic Blade”;
dynamite = „Dynamite”;
autoCannon = „AutoCannon”;
autoShotgun = „Auto Shotgun”;
Chaingun = „Chaingun”;
FireBomb = „Fire Bomb”;
DynamiteRevolver = „Dynamite Revolver”;
Flamethrower = „Flame Caster”;
LaserRifle = „Laser Rifle”;
LaserShotgun = „Laser Shotgun”;
Phaser = „Phaser”;
Pistol = „Pistol”;
QuickRifle = „Carbine Rifle”;
Revolver = „Revolver”;
RocketLauncher = „RPG”;
SawbladeLauncher = „Sawblade Launcher”;
Shotgun = „Shotgun”;
SludgeCannon = „Toxic Cannon”;
SniperRifle = „Sniper Rifle”;
TripMine = „Proximity Mine”;

Above list shows all basic weapons that we can loot from chests scattered throughout the levels. As usual, I won’t ponder on each string but instead focus on more difficult (or interesting) ones.

Chaingun = “Chaingun”;

Military vocabulary is not my cup of tea, therefore I was rather perplexed by this term. In the first place, I was considering a literal translation as „karabin łańcuchowy” (eng. counterpart would be… „chain-rifle” or „chain-machine gun”?). My dearest Google showing my no good results of such term made me quickly realise it’s not going to work. Fine, we have to try another way. I started wondering whether it’s something like that but apparently it’s called a „Minigun” which seems to be something quite different. I ran out of sollutions, so I had to ask some guys from about their opinion. That’s how they guided me to „Działko” (lit. „little cannon”). Besides, I also found an entry on Facebook that confirmed that the best solution is to call „chaingun” as a „działko”.

DynamiteRevolver = “Dynamite Revolver”;

To successfully translate this one, I had to know how the gun works: is it a revolver throwing dynamites with lit fuse or just a revolver which shoots exploding on impact bullets? I was thinking about it for some time when I finally figured it out. Regardless of the mechanism, „Wybuchowy Rewolwer” (lit. „Exploding Revolver”, kinda…) seems the best solution here. Seems, because we could bicker about this sounding like the gun itself explodes. Nevertheless, for now it stays as it is.


SawbladeLauncher = “Sawblade Launcher”;

Another gun belongs to group of DIY machinery. As you might figure it out from the name, this beauty shoots freakin’ sawblades. I’m gonna be honest here, I chose this weapon because I absolutely love the concept! How can you not love such gruesome and murderous tool like that? Anyways, coming back to translating stuff, I had no problems with this one. „Wyrzutnia pił tarczowych” is the best option, although it could have been slightly shorter.

SludgeCannon = “Toxic Cannon”;

The last weapon we’re gonna have a look at will be the so-called „Toxic Cannon”. With bullets dealing toxic damage, we can easly poison a foe and then hide behind a wall. But enough of its mechanism, how we can translate it?

We could use that technical piece of code, i.e. „Sludge”. This word in Polish translates to „Szlam, muł”, therefore perhapse „Działko szlamowe/błotne” would be a good choice? It sounds kinda awkward though. Maybe something more literal, like „Trujące Działo” (eng. lit. „Poisoning Cannon”) or „Toksyczne Działo„? Yeah, that should do the trick. Hopefully, as I’m not too content with this translation, as it might seem as the cannon is toxic, which is not true. On the other hand, „Działko szlamowe” doesn’t tell about its properties. So, what do you think, which verison is the best one?


Our weaponry is not limited to firearms, as we are able to pick up and use special items called Relicts. They let us obtain special abilities, e.g. stopping the flow of time, so it’s always worth looking for them.

From time to time, we can see a mark left on the ground, shining with a faint blue light. Upon plaicing a source of light in this place, you summon a mysterious entity called „Relic Spirit” (pol. „Opiekun Reliktów„). He (It?) has to offer 3 different items of which we can pick only one. Moreover, if we already are in possession of a Relict, he won’t give us anything. I’d be really happy to say more about these items but unfortunately they are not covered in my files. There was an update that does not belong to the translation project (YET), so hopefully I will cover that in some future.

Relic Spirit

The last thing for today are status effects. There isn’t too much to say, as there are only three of them and they’re mostly easy to translate. Apart from one example…

immune = “Immune”;
absorb = “Absorbed”;
protect = “Protected”;

Some of enemies are protected by a special shield that allows them to Absorb our bullets (what is incredibly frustrating btw). Each time they consume our precious ammo, a text saying „Absorbed” shows up. To make it clear, because I translated first and last line as an adjective, theoretically I should do the same with „Absorbed”. Unfortunately, „Wchłonięto” doesn’t sound too good to me for some reason, just like these shells were melted by the shield or something in that way… Hence, I had to turn on my creativity. And so I resigned from using an adjective here and translated it as a „Zneutralizowano” or eventually „Unieszkodliwiono” (eng. „Neutralised”). Maybe it’s slightly too long but I think it’s clearly visible why we can’t hurt that guy? At least I hope so; if not, there will be lots of beta-testing, so I’ll take care of that.

And that’s the end of our journey through Vintage Year’s translation. I won’t elaborate here on how much fun it was, because there will be another, a „farewell” entry. There I will sum up everything, make some stats… and also show my gratitude for supporting me.

So that was all for today, thanks for reading! As usual, I’ll be glad for any feedback or suggestions!


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