Split personality

Phew, that was quite laborious weekend. I had settled some things down with the dev, almost everthing is clear now and I am finally able to finish the translation. There isn’t much text left, I just need to take care of it, scroll through all of translated strings, then send it and hopefully test it out on Steam to make more adjustments if required. That will come in probably one or two weeks and before that… another entry! Today I’ll be discussing Characters (not all of them, as I don’t want to spoil the fun) and Leveling Up.

Shiraz, a.k.a. “The Cannibal

Ability: 10% Life Steal

The first character we’ll have a look at is Shiraz, a young „Cannibal” (pol. „Kanibal„). I have already mentioned him in the third entry, in which I was perplexed by the term „Cannibalize!”. It’s Shiraz who has this ability to feast on human flesh and retrieve some vitality in return. He has 10% chances to Steal a HP from killing an opponent (pol.”10% szans na Kradzież Zdrowia„). It’s a really cool feature, although it’s rather annoying when it does not work when needed…

Zinfandel, a.k.a. “The Bandit

Ability+2 Health

Another playable from the very beginning character is a „Bandit” called Zinfandel. Everyone knows that bandits are huge badasses, hence no surprise that Zinfandel is tougher than rest of heroes.

I have a problem with translating his ability, though. A problem regarding preposition or lack of thereof. Should it be „+2 do Zdrowia” (eng. lit. „+2 to Health”) or simply „+2 Zdrowia”? Or maybe „+2 PŻ” (eng. „+2 HP”) will do the trick? Everybody should guess what does it reffer to, shouldn’t they?

Merlot a.k.a. “The Gunslinger

AbilityHigh Fire Rate

Our next guest came from the very Wild West, where streets are covered in dust and blood and where your reflex is your best friend. Merlot, because that’s his name, is a crazy „Gunslinger” (pol. „Rewolwerowiec„), courageous enough to delve into nooks of dark vinery. After many years of dueling, Merlot has developed a sharp aim and quick reflexes (and fondness for wasting ammo). And once again, I encounter a small problem regarding translation of an ability. „Fire Rate” is undoubtedly „Szybkostrzelność” but how should be translated the adjective? Is it supposed to be „Wysoka Szybkostrzelność” which is rather literal? Perhaps it should be „Duża Szybkostrzelność„… Hard to decide, really. It seems I need to think about it little longer.

Malbec a.k.a. “The Sharpshooter

Ability: Perfect Accuracy

The last basic character is Malbec, „The Sharpshooter” (pol. „Strzelec wyborowy„). Due to long army training, he has acquired a „Perfect Accuracy” (pol. „Doskonała Celność„), regardles of weapon he’s using. No bullet will be wasted; no matter how far an enemy is, he will deal a fatal blow. In such place as vinery, preserving ammo is very important, so Malbec is a perfect hero to play as.

Shirust a.k.a. “The Mechanable

Ability: Replenished Turrets, Cannibal + Reflect

A fugitive whose punishment was being stuffed into metal suit or paranoid genius who is just trying to protect himself from dangers of the outside world? We can’t be sure who is Shirust but we know how does he look like and what are his abilities.

Our brave Tin-man (pol. „Blaszak”?… It was rather difficult to translate his „class code”, I’m still working on it.) has got deadly turrets that he can use to defeat his foes at faster rate. They aren’t THAT deadly, however they will prove useful, for instance, at fighting bosses.

There is even more than that! Shirust apparently has some cannibalistic tendencies just like Shiraz (Their names both start with Shir-. Coincidence? I don’t think so!). He can devour bodies of his enemies to regain strength. But it doesn’t end here, oh no! Besides that, our Mechanable (uhm… what does his name mean again?) hero has got an ability to „Reflect” bullets (pol. „Odbicie” or  even „Tarcza kuloodporna” – eng. „Bulletproof Shield” –  if we are more being more fancy).

Playing as Shirust is incredibly fun… and expensive. To buy him you need 4500 Corks, which means that you’ll have to play few hours or so. A good opportunity to try out other characters first, isn’t it?

La Guestia

Ability: Damage Nearby Enemies, Replenished Invisibility

Alright, I have to admit that with this one I was quite surprised with dev’s creativity. La Guestia seems to be an incredibly interesting creature. My first research in Google was unsuccessful, nevertheless I had finally managed to find something… on Asturian wikipedia. Apparently, La Guestia (or La güestia if we keep original orthography) is a collective of creatures/souls/hard to choose one that visit people just before they pass away. I absolutely love mythology so that was very entertaining to read… but how the hell are we supposed to translate it!?

Because of her/its(??) appearance reminding me of Grim Reaper, I considered translating that (class?)name as „Żniwiarz” (eng. lit. „Reaper„) or even „Śmierć” (eng. „Death”). That would derive too much from the original, hence I decided to name it „Widmo” (eng. „Phantom„). I couldn’t find a good replacement within Slav mythology but if you are familiar with such things and know how I could translate it, then notify me!

Okay, let’s say the name is completed. Now it’s time to have a look at skills. „Replenished Invisibility” is nothing more than „Odnawialna/Odnawiająca się Niewidzialność„, there is nothing more than that. Things get complicated with the first ability. Each translation I can think of seems too long. Besides, I cannot pick a right form, as should it be an order/exclamation („Rań pobliskich wrogów„) or, I dunno, statement of fact („Ranisz pobliskich wrogów” => eng. „You harm nearby enemies”). However, it seems rather… bland, not creative enough. Well, apparently it goes on my even longer list of things I need to reconsider.

And that was everything related directly to our (anti)heroes. I’ll let you discover other characters by yourselves. Now it’s time for something more „serious”, i.e. leveling up.

When you gather enough experience points, you gain new level what allows you to pick one out of four bonuses that can ease our journey through vinery.

toxicShot = „30% Toxic Shot”;
damage = „+1 Damage”;
maxed = „MAXED”;
improvedDash = „Improved Dash”;
fasterMovement = „Faster Movement”;
moreLights = „+2 Lights”;
shield = „25% Shield”;
improvedVision = „Improved Vision”;
maxHealth = „+1 Max Health”;

As you can see, investing into Ability Points is quite useful (especially at last levels, believe me). But now let’s see how to translate it into Polish language.


I encountered the same problem as with The Bandit, namely prepositions and the right form of statistics. Should we say „30% szans do Zatrutego Strzału” or „30% szans na Zatruty Strzał” (eng. „30% chances for/to Poisoned Bullet„). The same goes for „+1 Damage” or „25% Shield”. And yet I enjoy thinking about all these strings, since it makes me learn more things about my own language.

But anyway, there is also one major problem I haven’t mentioned yet; a problem that might seem quite obvious to some of you. Namely, translated text cannot be too long. I have to translate it as precise, as natural but also as short as possible. And that ain’t an easy task.

My dear, that was quite a long entry, wasn’t it? I just hope you did manage to make it through. Next time, in the last entry, I’ll be discussing weapons, items and effects. This will mark the end of our journey with Vintage Year’s translation. Maybe there will come closing entry, just to sum it up (did I mention possible rewards? :>) and after that… Once again, we will see.

Thank you very much for your patience! If you got any feedback, any ideas how to improve my entries, feel free to leave a comment. See you in the next entry!



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